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Kindle Edition easy to learn
but powerful Life Skills
that you never learned in school...
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Kindle Edition
How to Live at Your Full Potential
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Guided Meditation for Success

Powerful Guided Meditation for Success
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Paperback Edition easy to learn but powerful
Life Skills that you never learned in school...
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Guided Meditation for relaxation using the
Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method...
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Guided Meditation for silence using the
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Guided Meditation for seeing life clearly
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Of Course I Talk to Myself,
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Opti-Mind Shaping Personalized Training
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If you are like most of us, you simply want to have and do the things you want in life without any stress, strain or confusion. You'd like to be happier and to achieve your goals with success without hurting yourself to do it. Is that really too much to ask?

It actually is a tall order and not easy for most people to learn. This book has scientifically-designed training modules that can help you actually learn these skills quickly and easily.

Most people fall into 2 categories -

You either experience stress and struggle to get the things you want, or... you have given up on many aspects of life to find a comfort zone that isn't always that comfortable. Solving this could be easy, but no one teaches it!

Rosetta Stone and many others have figured out how to teach complex skills with minimal study and memorization. Did you ever receive training that teaches you how to manage your inner world?  Has anyone taught you the confidence, faith, self-esteem, peace, joy, love, thoughts, emotions and motivations of the most happy and successful people throughout the centuries?

If what you have learned isn't making you happy, is it possible that the time has come to learn something else? Especially, since the whole purpose of learning is happiness?

Most people try to change an external skill or take some formal action with the body to achieve a goal or get what they need. Everyone knows about the stress and failure rate with change, diets and New Year resolutions. There is a better way. All your successful responses come from within. The world is like looking into a mirror, reflecting back your own thoughts, beliefs, moods, traits and personality. It's not easy to manage your inner world without the right training.

Emotional intelligence is more important than the ability to express delusional emotions that will not benefit you. These are skills that should be taught in schools.

The book and CDs/MP3 are designed to teach you inner skills that have been known for centuries but rarely taught properly with the use of advanced adult learning concepts. In addition to the scientifically-designed, quick and easy, step by step training modules, the book includes 3 powerful guided meditation recordings to supplement the training. Meditation can be particularly difficult for some people; guided meditations do the work for you.

You will gain ability too consciously choose energy emotions like peace, joy, gratitude and love; learning their real meaning and granting you access to the strong and powerful subconscious part of your mind that will bubble up opportunities and creativity when you gain control of this inner world. You can learn to choose these emotions in any situation, so that the stress, strain and confusion dissolves. Every day just gets better and better while life begins to flow. Your health, relationships, work and finances just get easy and natural. You begin to play again and life begins to be fun.

Take only 10 to 15 minutes a day to become clearer, calmer, more focused, enthusiastic and relaxed... to make better choices, to improve success in everything you do while happiness and joy continue to grow, and the struggle fades away.

There is no spiritual, psychology, philosophy class, or self-help program that teaches inner life skills like this book.


The Opti-Mind Shaping Audio MP3 or CD does the meditation work for you!


I guarantee that you will experience a SIGNIFICANT improvement in your life within 30 days after reviewing my techniques or I will refund your money...no questions asked!Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way. Contact us at any time for a full refund if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from us that is not complete satisfaction.


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