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Guided Meditation For Relaxation

Start listening to this powerful Guided Meditation for Relaxation MP3 within seconds after purchase!

Powerful Opti-Mind Shaping Guided Meditation CD or MP3 that will help you relax your mind and body in an instant to reduce strong emotions, and make better choices!

Guided Meditation does the Meditation and Visualization work for you using the Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method!

Length: 38.31 minutes Contains 1 MP3 Recording Download CD by Mail at Amazon

Meditation and Visualization Made Easy... Opti-Mind Shaping Does the Work For you!

It all starts here with the ability to relax. Guided Meditation does the work for you.

It is very difficult to experience strong emotions when your body is completely relaxed. Strong emotion is the single driving force behind addiction and poor choices in life. This recording, along with two others are free with any version of my book. The Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method combines the power of Guided Meditation with cognitive and behavioral inner life skills with my quick and easy, step by step adult learning method, all for the price of a paperback book. Start experiencing the benefits of Guided Meditation right now with one of my signature recordings.