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Guided Meditation For Seeing Clearly

Start listening to This powerful Guided Meditation for seeing life clearly MP3 within seconds after purchase!

Powerful Opti-Mind Shaping Guided Meditation CD or MP3 that will help you see your situation and circumstances clearly so that you can make better choices!

Guided Meditation does the Meditation and Visualization work for you using the Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method!

Length: 19.31 minutes Contains 1 MP3 Recording Download CD by Mail at Amazon

Meditation and Visualization Made Easy... Opti-Mind Shaping Does the Work For you!

Can you instantly see situations and circumstances in your life to make better choices?

This Guided Meditation on Seeing Clearly will allow you to perceive, see, hear, and feel the world more clearly without the lens of strong emotions, so that you can make better choices while the struggle fades away.

The Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method also teaches you how to choose these states of being in an instant, regardless of situations and circumstances in your life. Some people believe they get their energy from stress and strong emotions. There is a better and more effective way.

Guided Meditation does the work for you.

Most people have heard about the benefits of meditation but they don't have the skill or time to practice. The benefits of meditation were featured in Time Magazine, and is being recognized by the medical community for its health benefits and the training industry for personal growth and development. It is prayer the way it was intended. Meditation is the ability to communicate with the greater part of yourself during a lower brain frequency. Meditation is a focused, calm, clear concentration on one thing. It could be the flicker of a candle or something that you really want in life. Imagine the powerful impact on your ability to learn and get what you want when your mind is clear and focused.

It all starts here with the ability to see life clearly through the mind's eye.

It is very difficult to experience the effects of poor choices when you can see beyond the addictions, emotions, and feelings that are memorized in your body. Strong emotion is the single driving force behind addiction and poor choices in life that cause unnecessary stress and struggle. The Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method combines the power of Guided Meditation with cognitive and behavioral inner life skills with my quick and easy, step by step adult learning method, all for the price of a paperback book. Start experiencing the benefits of Guided Meditation right now with one of my signature recordings.