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Guided Meditation For Silence

Start listening to This powerful Guided Meditation for silencing your mind MP3 within seconds after purchase!

Powerful Opti-Mind Shaping Guided Meditation MP3 or CD that will help you silence your mind because the real answers to life come from the silent space between your thoughts!

Guided Meditation does the Meditation and Visualization work for you using the Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method!

Length: 27.31 minutes Contains 1 MP3 Recording Download CD by Mail at Amazon

Meditation and Visualization Made Easy... Opti-Mind Shaping Does the Work For you!

Can you instantly silence the thought patterns in your mind that no longer serve you?

Get ready to access a higher power and higher levels of conscious by clearing your mind, your emotions, and even a personality to achieve greater success, health, wealth, and happiness in your life.

The Opti-Mind Shaping Learning Method also teaches you how to choose these states of being in an instant, regardless of situations and circumstances in your life. Some people believe they get their energy from stress and strong emotions. There is a better and more effective way.

Guided Meditation does the work for you.